“This project was funded in its entirety from the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), Title IV, Part B, 21st Century Community Learning Center (21st CCLC) grant through a grant agreement with the New Jersey Department of Education.”

Wise to Exercise Science of GardeningTheater MechanicsS.T.E.M. ChallengeCreative Writing/Spoken Word

​Wise to Exercise is a daily session that supports students’ understanding of how muscles work and what makes them stronger, while connecting to lessons in science and health.  Students will engage in high-energy physical fitness activities, popular athletic programs, and interactive gross-motor games that support the science behind physical activity.    

Science of Gardening incorporates hands on activities that support lessons learned during the school day in science and health.  Students will work to research, grow, and nourish various plant life throughout the year, all while learning about environmental impact and issues.  

Music/Theater Mechanics will introduce students to the basics of music and theater technology.  Students will explore the process of creating and producing music, as well as technological elements of theater, including lighting, sound, and set design/building.

S.T.E.M. Challenge is a daily hands-on activity that allows students to explore the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math.  Ranging from simple science experiments to larger engineering projects, these activities will engage and challenge students on a daily basis. 

Creative Writing/Spoken Word will encourage students to express themselves and share their experiences through creative writing and spoken word poetry.  Students will explore new art forms, while strengthening their ELA skills, building confidence, and improving public speaking ability.  
Lego LeagueConstruct iCan

Digital Photography

Minecraft/CodingBuild & Launch Rockets 

First Lego League combines the engineering challenge of a robotics competition with real-world problem solving and inventing.  Students learn real-world application of science and math concepts while gaining self-confidence and self-esteem.


Construct iCan is a hands-on activity with an engineering design focus.  Students are encouraged to utilize science and math lessons learned during the school day to design and create structures using various design software and 3-D printers.  


Digital Photography will allow students to explore the various aspects of digital photography, ranging from arts and culture to editing and lighting.  Students will use state of the art cameras (Canon SX530) and other equipment to develop their eye for photography, creating and editing photo projects throughout.       
Minecraft EDU & Coding is a daily session that introduces students to the basics of computer coding and design.  Using websites such as Scratch, Tynker, and Code.org, as well as Minecraft EDU software, students will explore a variety of techniques and styles related to coding and design.  
Build and Launch Rockets fosters hands-on, inquiry-based learning in science, math, and engineering using a series of NASA developed interactive computer/iPad programs for students.  Students participate in rocket building and launch vehicle engineering projects, while learning how they are configured and how they work together to launch spacecrafts.